5 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

June 30, 2017

5 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Buying beautiful jewelry is the easy part, it’s taking care of it that can be challenging. 925 sterling silver can last you a lifetime, which makes buying it an investment to your wardrobe and beyond. The key to making sure that your sterling silver jewelry actually last a lifetime, all depends on the way you take care of it. It’s pretty easy to neglect your jewelry, but just like anything else important in your life, your sterling silver needs special attention. Here are 5 easy ways to take care of your 925 sterling silver jewelry.

1. Remove Your Jewelry Before Going To Bathing


The number one most important rule to taking care of your silver jewelry, is removing it before bathing. This is a tip that may be given to you upon purchasing your item. Soap can harm your jewelry, which is why you should never use soap when cleaning any of your pieces. It’s also vital to know that you should take off every ring, and bracelet that you’re wearing before washing your hands as well. This also due to the same reason. Drying your hands and wrist thoroughly, before putting your jewelry back on helps as well. If you always apply lotion after hand washing you should wait till you’ve applied it, before putting your jewelry back on.

2. Remove Your Jewelry Before Completing Task


House cleaning, laundry, yard work, and all of those other sorts of task should be done while you are not wearing jewelry. If you so happen to have any on before starting a task it’s best to take it off. Cleaning products, such as laundry detergents, disinfectants, and polishers can harm your silver jewelry tremendously. Having contact with these solutions can and will cause spotting and will begin to eat away at your silver. It’s also recommended to remove all jewelry before cooking as well. 

3. Put On Your Jewelry After You Apply Your Makeup


When you’re getting ready for the day, or an event, it is alway best to wait until you apply your makeup, before your jewelry. Putting on your jewelry before your makeup can cause harm to your sterling silver. Foundation smudges, powder residue, and more causes smears and stains on your jewelry. These can often become hard to clean, especially if it happens often. Also those ingredients found in foundations that may be helpful for color correcting, can tarnish your silver. A good rule of thumb is that your jewelry should be the last thing you put on to complete your look for the day.

4. Clean Your Jewelry With Warm Water


When comes to cleaning your jewelry you can always buy a solution from your jeweler. If you’d rather do it yourself, then that’s a possibility as well. Alcohol works wonders on sterling silver, but so does just plain old warm water. Try the warm water first to see how well it’ll clean your jewelry. You’ll surprised at how much film is eliminated afterwards. If you feel that you need something added for tougher cleaning you can also try adding baking soda to your warm water as well. Doing so will make your silver look good as new.

5. Inspect Your Jewelry Regularly 


One major, yet simple way to care for your 925 sterling silver is to check it regularly. Inspecting your jewelry for things such as stains, loose gems, and areas that may seem discolored should be done often. These aren’t daily inspections, but you should be on top of what your pieces look like over time. Something such as a loose gem, or stone can cause damage, or even fall out of place if not taken care of properly, or at all.

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Size Guide

When shopping for ring or bracelet, it is important that you should be certain about your size. Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. Same goes for the bracelet.

There is one simple way to double check your size if you are not sure:

Use a fabric measuring tape and measure your finger/wrist. Lie the tape against the skin (do not pull it tight) and record your measurement. If you don't have a measuring tape available, use a flat ribbon and check your measurement against a ruler. 

Please keep in mind that it is preferable for the jewelry to be slightly loose rather than tight. Consider if you like your ring/bracelet fit to be more on the snug or loose side. If yours is between sizes, we recommend that you round up to the next available figure.

Diameter (mm/in) US Ring Size Circumference (mm/in)
15.7mm (5/8 in) US 5 49.3mm (1 in 15/16")
16.5mm (21/32 in) US 6 51.9mm (2 in 3/64")
17.3mm (11/16 in) US 7 54.4mm (2 in 9/64")
18.1mm (23/32 in) US 8 57.0mm (2 in 1/4")
19.0mm (3/4 in) US 9 59.5mm (2 in 11/32")

Once you got the sizes, congrats! Now let the shopping spree begin.