How To Pick Silver Jewelry To Match Your Casual Style

June 29, 2017

How To Pick Silver Jewelry To Match Your Casual Style

Women and men have always adorned themselves with jewelry to compliment their style. Silver jewelry in particular is a great option for casual styles. This isn’t to say that other metallic tones can’t be worn, but sterling silver jewelry has a special quality that just can’t be replaced. Jewelry shows class, sophistication, and stature, which is why stylish individuals love to complete their look with jewels. Even a casual style outfit, can make you feel like a movie star with the right jewelry.

If you’re the type that enjoys a more casual laid back sort of appeal, then silver tones will definitely pair perfectly with your overall style. Adding silver jewelry to match your casual style, keeps you relaxed, while adding an element of depth. Your casual style will beam brilliantly, as if you’ve spent hours on your look. Time is huge factor in our everyday lives. It’s easy to feel like shopping for new clothes and jewelry is the key to styling yourself. Unfortunately, shopping isn’t the best way to add options to your wardrobe, but learning how to style what you have does.

A simple casual style such as jeans and a basic top, are a great canvas to start with. You can create an effortless, yet stylish outfit in a snap just by choosing the right jewelry to add to your look. The wonderful thing about jewelry is that unlike clothing, you can continue to wear the same pieces throughout the week if you wanted to. This trick may help you with the beginning stages of picking the right jewelry to match your casual style.

Let’s start with necklaces. A simple necklace can go a long way. Charms and pendants adds flare to your neckline, which plays really well with your casual aesthetic. Pansy necklaces are always in style, but they’re super popular right now. Other classic charms and pendants such as arrows, swallows, and hearts will get the job done as well. If you’d like to play around with a casual, yet classy look a tassel necklace works perfectly. Tassel necklaces pair well with basic V-neck t-shirts.

A great pair of earrings can also enhance your relaxed look. If you want to make a statement then bigger earring will definitely work in your favor. Delicate silver hoops are always a very edgy style. Hoops can provide a streetwear aesthetic, if that’s what you’re looking for. Also a cuff earring, or a chain cuff earring can provide the same flare. If you’re into layering, then try pairing a set of silver hoops with silver cuff earrings. If you’re going for a more subtle look that also packs a punch, small dangle earrings, statement studs, and chain linked earring works as well.

Bangles, wrist cuffs, and other types of bracelets should be added to complete your casual style for the day. Layering dainty sterling silver bracelets is always a truly beautiful look. If you want to reinvent layering your arm candy, that’s when the cuffs, and bangles come into play. Wearing statement bangles are also very fashion forward. Engraved quotes, tassels, and balls at the opening of your bangle are trendy, yet classic styles to try.

Overall picking the right silver jewelry to match your casual style can be done effortlessly. Once you’ve added the right kinds of jewelry to your collection, then styling your daily look should be a breeze. Jewelry always speaks your character, so be sure to always choose pieces that represent you best.

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Size Guide

When shopping for ring or bracelet, it is important that you should be certain about your size. Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. Same goes for the bracelet.

There is one simple way to double check your size if you are not sure:

Use a fabric measuring tape and measure your finger/wrist. Lie the tape against the skin (do not pull it tight) and record your measurement. If you don't have a measuring tape available, use a flat ribbon and check your measurement against a ruler. 

Please keep in mind that it is preferable for the jewelry to be slightly loose rather than tight. Consider if you like your ring/bracelet fit to be more on the snug or loose side. If yours is between sizes, we recommend that you round up to the next available figure.

Diameter (mm/in) US Ring Size Circumference (mm/in)
15.7mm (5/8 in) US 5 49.3mm (1 in 15/16")
16.5mm (21/32 in) US 6 51.9mm (2 in 3/64")
17.3mm (11/16 in) US 7 54.4mm (2 in 9/64")
18.1mm (23/32 in) US 8 57.0mm (2 in 1/4")
19.0mm (3/4 in) US 9 59.5mm (2 in 11/32")

Once you got the sizes, congrats! Now let the shopping spree begin.