Silver Jewelry To Pair With Fall 2017 Hottest Makeup Trends

June 28, 2017

Silver Jewelry To Pair With Fall 2017 Hottest Makeup Trends

Fall will be here before we know it, and it’s not like anyone’s in a rush, but silver jewelry and the hottest makeup trends will be going hand in hand. Your jewelry says a lot about who you are as a person. Wearing lots of jewelry such as, rings on every finger, layered bracelets, and necklaces will let a person know that you have a more cultural, or bohemian type of style. Simple jewelry shows that you’re a minimalist, and statement pieces proves that you like to stand out from the crowd.


Makeup works the same exact way. Fall 2017 hottest makeup trends will allow you to play off of your jewelry selection. Silver jewelry is actually perfect for fall, because of the warm tones that it adds. Wearing blush will be one of the trends that people will be following the most. Blush shapes your face and gives it definition. The perfect pair of earring will also have the same effect. A simple pair of stone earrings; perhaps a pair that compliments your blush, will bring a wonderful element to your overall look.

As you continue your search for finding sterling silver jewelry, that will respectfully match the latest fall 2017 hottest makeup trends, you should consider this next craze. The smokey eye has been the “go to” look for an edgy, or sultry ensemble. This fall doing a smokey eye without black makeup is the way to go. Try different colors such as blue, purple, or even red to complete this look. Using darker hues of bold colors will make your eyes pop in an extravagant way.

The perfect silver jewelry to pair with this look would definitely be necklaces. No need for a statement piece, because your eyes already have that covered. You want to choose jewelry that will compliment your look, and not clash. Sterling silver layered necklaces, are a wonderful pairing with smokey eyes. The layers in your necklaces will play off of the layers used in your eye shadow in a most subtle and sophisticated way.


Neutral lip tones are in style right now, because it’s summer of course. Come this fall bolder and darker lip colors will be everyone’s obsessions. A pair of layered bracelets, or even a statement bracelet, will match your bold lip colors perfectly. If you have silver stone bracelets, styling the color of your lips with the color of the stone in your arm candy, will create a beautiful aesthetic. This a look guaranteed to grab attention from miles away.

If your silver bracelets have more of a simplistic quality to them, that works as well. Layered bracelets, put together with your bold lip color works amazingly as well. This is actually a very glamorous look for the fall. If your style is a bit more high class, then this is a simple way to switch it up and add some edge, without taking away from your natural look. There are no limits to layering bracelets, which is the fun part. You can start by layering at least four, or five, and you can even add a bangle or two if you’d like. A good rule is to layer your bracelets about an inch wide. From there, you can add, or take away as much as you want.

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Size Guide

When shopping for ring or bracelet, it is important that you should be certain about your size. Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. Same goes for the bracelet.

There is one simple way to double check your size if you are not sure:

Use a fabric measuring tape and measure your finger/wrist. Lie the tape against the skin (do not pull it tight) and record your measurement. If you don't have a measuring tape available, use a flat ribbon and check your measurement against a ruler. 

Please keep in mind that it is preferable for the jewelry to be slightly loose rather than tight. Consider if you like your ring/bracelet fit to be more on the snug or loose side. If yours is between sizes, we recommend that you round up to the next available figure.

Diameter (mm/in) US Ring Size Circumference (mm/in)
15.7mm (5/8 in) US 5 49.3mm (1 in 15/16")
16.5mm (21/32 in) US 6 51.9mm (2 in 3/64")
17.3mm (11/16 in) US 7 54.4mm (2 in 9/64")
18.1mm (23/32 in) US 8 57.0mm (2 in 1/4")
19.0mm (3/4 in) US 9 59.5mm (2 in 11/32")

Once you got the sizes, congrats! Now let the shopping spree begin.